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How To Create A Company Page On LinkedIn And Why It’s Important

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October 5, 2021
Aimtal Team

🤝 LinkedIn receives over 1 billion interactions every month.

🌎 LinkedIn has 740 million global users in more than 200 countries.

📈 LinkedIn is 277% more effective at generating B2B leads than Facebook or Twitter.

These are just a few of the mind-blowing statistics that showcase the power of this powerful professional networking platform.  LinkedIn was first launched as a business-oriented social networking website in 2003. The platform quickly grew in distribution and popularity, and is now one of the most influential and trusted platforms for job seekers, employers, and recruiters around the world.

However, individual users aren’t the only ones who benefit from this dynamic platform, although who doesn’t love updating their profile with their fancy new job title and headshot? Research shows that 96% of B2B content marketers are now leveraging LinkedIn for their digital marketing efforts. LinkedIn plays a key role in business-oriented digital marketing initiatives, including lead generation, ad reach, targeting, and more.

If your business is looking to find its place in the world’s largest professional community, creating a LinkedIn company page is one of the most effective methods to establish your authority and reach decision-makers.

Let’s take a look at why a LinkedIn company page is important and how you can easily get started with creating a successful page for your business today.

Let’s take a look at why a LinkedIn company page is important and how you can easily get started with creating a successful page for your business today.

Why is a company LinkedIn page important?

The benefits of a company LinkedIn page are similar to that of a company website. An effective company page presents a massive opportunity to showcase company culture, what they offer, and the impact they have as a business. LinkedIn focuses on increasing value for its users by celebrating useful and professional content. With a LinkedIn business page, your company’s content has the potential for endless exposure to huge networks of consumers and leads.

LinkedIn for brand visibility

With millions of daily users actively engaging on LinkedIn, creating a presence on this networking platform is essential to positioning your company as a thought leader in your industry. LinkedIn makes up more than 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites & blogs, allowing your company to reach its target audience in a professional context.

A company page on this networking platform is also a great way to build brand recognition and awareness. LinkedIn is the place where professionals specifically seek out high-quality content, which provides an optimal opportunity for your business to reach and stay in front of its target audience.

A LinkedIn company page offers the ability to centralize your content on a platform with high visibility and allows prospects on LinkedIn to learn about your company, your products or services, your employees, and your brand.

Lead generation through LinkedIn

Content marketing plays a pivotal role in a company’s reputation and lead generation efforts. In fact, 95% of decision-makers state that feeling a sense of connection to a brand is just as important as feeling confident about their  B2B buying decision. With LinkedIn’s lead conversion rates ranking 3x higher than any other major ad platform, a company page is one of the best ways to support your campaigns by leveraging this powerful networking site.

A LinkedIn company page offers the unique ability to help reach, establish, and build crucial relationships with industry leaders and decision-makers before they visit your company’s website. Companies can take advantage of this by tapping into powerful demographic data offered on a LinkedIn business page, and use that data to engage high-quality buyers.  

Whether you’re looking to implement an organic strategy or boost your content with paid advertising, a company LinkedIn page creates a goldmine of opportunities for reaching a quality audience and promoting your business on social media.

Recruiting on LinkedIn

Here’s a fun fact: 40 million people use LinkedIn to search for jobs every single week.

Over the years, LinkedIn has had a major impact and influence in the world of recruiting. Studies reveal that 87% of recruiters found LinkedIn to be the most effective tool for vetting millennial and Gen Z candidates. With over 50 million companies already taking advantage of finding qualified prospects on the professional network, not having a company LinkedIn page may deter job seekers before they ever reach your career page.

Even if you’re not ready to hire just yet, you can use your LinkedIn business page to build lasting relationships with top candidates in advance. It’s important to stay in touch with your audience, build your company’s network, and establish yourself as an employer of choice early on.

After all, building connections is what LinkedIn is all about!

How to create a company page on LinkedIn

Before you can hit the ground running with your content marketing strategies, you need to take the time to set up and optimize your LinkedIn company page. Follow these steps to get started.

1. Create a company page

Start by visiting the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions website, or simply logging in to your personal LinkedIn page. From your personal page in the top right-hand corner, you should see the “work” option with a dropdown arrow.

Click on the dropdown, scroll to the bottom, and select “Create a company page”. You will now have the option to select the page type best suited to your company.

The options are:

  • Small business (less than 200 employees)
  • Medium to large business (more than 200 employees)
  • Showcase page (sub-pages to be used only for an existing company page)
  • Educational institution (schools and universities)

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2. Customize your company page

LinkedIn pages with complete profile information get 30% more weekly views, so be sure to include the company name, size, industry, and as much relevant information as you can.

Once you fill out the details, it’s time to bring your page to life! Include the company logo and reference your company’s brand identity as you work through the design of your page. Make sure that the company name is clearly visible, the tagline is descriptive, and the website is readily available should someone want to learn more about your company. The goal is to create visual curiosity, capture attention, and incentivize users to dig deeper into who your company is as a whole.

The ‘About us’ section allows up to 2,000 words and should be rich with descriptors that build credibility with your audience. Optimizing this section with SEO and relevant keywords is a great way for users to organically discover your page on LinkedIn.

Even if your team is remote, be sure to add at least one location for your company. This could be your central company location, where the company originated, or even the address to a virtual office. Adding in multiple locations increases the probability of your company showing up in professional search results near the specified location(s).

3. Spread the (company page) word!

Now that your LinkedIn company page is filled to the brim with brand awareness and personality, it’s time to connect others with your page. One of the best ways to get started is to ask your employees who have LinkedIn profiles to identify that they work for the company. Once this step is complete, their LinkedIn profiles will appear under the ‘People’ tab on the company page.

Engaged employees can act as an incredibly powerful asset to magnifying your company’s presence and skyrocketing your reputation as an employer. Research shows that 90% of business leaders see a direct connection between employee engagement and business success, so be sure to take advantage of this company page feature.

Whether it’s a job search or a potential lead, professionals on LinkedIn will feel much more connected with your company when they see other people (yes, actual faces!) on your company page.

Kickoff your account engagement with quality content by posting open jobs, publishing organic and sponsored posts, creating posts with rich media and links, and enhancing your company page with branded content.

Join the LinkedIn network: Create a company page today

Just like any new initiative, finding a groove with your shiny new LinkedIn page will take time and consistency. Remember to engage with your audience and be an active voice in the industry. LinkedIn is, after all, a networking platform!

As your page grows, be sure to focus on contributing meaningful, interesting, and relevant content. As stunning as your new page looks (we have no doubt about it!), it’s important to continuously provide valuable, high-quality content that is relevant to your business, and most importantly, to your audience.

Here at Aimtal, our talented team is excited about the opportunity to create and customize your company’s LinkedIn page for you. We also create personalized content, run lead generation ads, build your following, and manage the page — providing you with the benefits of a fully optimized LinkedIn strategy!

What are you waiting for? 👇

Connect with Aimtal on LinkedIn to get started.

Aimtal is an online marketing agency specializing in content creation and digital campaign creation & execution. In 2020 alone, we helped our clients grow their YouTube channels by 130% and it has become an effective channel for audience growth and online lead generation.

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