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Turn your doom-scrolling into microlearning

We know how packed a day in the life of a marketer is — which means there isn’t always time to brush up on skills or stay on top of the latest trends.

Enter Marketing In A Minute — our series of quick-hit marketing lessons served in less than one minute sent straight to your inbox.

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Our consultative, creative, and data-informed approach to marketing allows our team of experts to build a strategy and achieve real results that achieve goals of brand awareness and business growth.

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“They’re a team that fully embodies the integrated approach”

"From facilitating recording sessions and coaching speakers through the interview process, to designing a dedicated microsite from scratch, the team went above and beyond to ensure that DevSecTalks maintained a cohesive and high-quality presence online."

Grace Cheung

Director of Content, Identity and Digital Marketing, Prisma Cloud

"Aimtal is such an essential partner to us"

“During the labels launch video project, they came to every meeting with exciting ideas, they listened and applied our feedback, and they were always prompt with deliverables. They were extremely communicative throughout the entire process, and always made themselves available if we had questions or comments in between our syncs.”

Lauren Moon

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Trello

"We quite literally couldn't have done it without all of them"

"It's been an incredible journey with Aimtal. They are our favorite team to work with and have done such incredible projects so far. We can't wait to see what we do together this year! We are extremely grateful for them and quite literally couldn't have done it all without them."

Cindy Duong

Brand Creative Lead, Outshift

Marketing moves fast.
Achieve swift yet sustainable scale