Marketing in full color: How Aimtal produced a high impact product video for Trello's feature launch campaign

Discover how Atlassian leveraged Aimtal’s strategic and creative video services to create a unique and visually stimulating announcement video for a Trello product feature launch.


When it comes to making a splash on social media, nothing compares to a well planned and executed video. According to a Wyzowl survey, people are twice as likely to share videos on social media compared to other kinds of content, and a report from Google found a staggering 70% of users have purchased a product after seeing it on YouTube.

Atlassian is a global tech company that creates industry-leading team collaboration software, including Trello. Atlassian wanted to leverage video content to maximize reach during the announcement of a long-awaited Trello feature—new label colors. They turned to Aimtal to conceptualize, strategize, produce, and promote an informative yet vibrant announcement video for their product campaign.

The objective of this campaign was to reveal Trello’s 20 new label colors while showing off the product’s most delightful and visual features all while showing how teams can customize their workflows and bring joy to their projects. These features, such as board backgrounds, card covers, views, and more, were incorporated into the video, displaying the delightful user experiences Trello offers their customers.

As a highly-anticipated product update, the decision was made to keep the video to under 60 seconds so it could showcase the new feature and also share other engaging product features in a concise, high-energy video.


Understanding challenges and conceptualizing creative solutions for a high-end product video

According to Gallup research, employee engagement took a turn for the worse in 2021 and decreased to 34% for the first time in 10 years. With a constant barrage of negative news and changes in the world, it can be hard to keep a team inspired and motivated, especially while working remotely or in a hybrid setting.

Trello injects fun into task management in hopes it will help boost morale, employee engagement, and team spirit within workplaces. In response to customer feedback and enthusiastic adoption of Trello’s existing color labels, the Trello team decided to triple label color choices from 10 to 30. This gives users more creative freedom to organize their Trello boards while making them more visual, colorful, creative, and fun. The feature video would showcase the new label colors as well as other ways to make using Trello fun and collaborative.

Aimtal quickly got to work with conceptualizing the video theme, creative direction, and overall storytelling for the video. After a few iterations, Aimtal ultimately proposed a theme titled Work In Color.

This concept took the viewer on a dynamic journey as they learned about Trello’s new label colors and other engaging product features by leveraging elements of vibrant colors, smooth animations, artistic nods, upbeat music, and fast, synced transitions.

Aimtal is such an essential partner to us. During the labels launch video project, they came to every meeting with exciting ideas, they listened and applied our feedback, and they were always prompt with deliverables. They were extremely communicative throughout the entire process, and always made themselves available if we had questions or comments in between our syncs. Plus, the end result was jaw dropping. Our team was absolutely thrilled with the quality of the work, and we are using the video assets everywhere we can.”

Lauren Moon, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Trello

A collaborative approach to infusing Trello’s brand identity into the video storyboard

Once the Trello marketing team approved the video concept, Aimtal’s creative team created a storyboard for the video.

Aimtal’s creative & content teams worked together to create the first draft of a storyboard. This initial mockup provided the Trello team with a few options to choose from for backgrounds, color palettes, and styles. The teams landed on a bold color palette that mimicked the hues of the new label color offerings as well as high-saturation gradients. Aimtal then mapped out the initial structure of the video, providing consultation on the flow and the order and manner that each product feature should be showcased.

By taking a consultative approach during meetings and collaboration with Trello, Aimtal was able to guide conversations regarding video best practices through a social media engagement lens as well as a product user and video viewer perspective.


Taking Trello users on a vibrant product feature journey

Once the creative conceptualization and collaborative storyboard processes were approved, Aimtal’s creative team began the exciting process of producing the video.

After aligning with Trello’s product marketing team to better understand user experience and product goals, the Aimtal team got to work with the conceptualization, motion graphic development, on-screen copywriting, video editing, and music selection for the video.

Through detail-oriented editing, sparring, and workshop sessions, Aimtal was able to produce a video that took viewers through a dynamic product feature journey.

The video kicks off by briefly displaying a grayed-out spreadsheet paired with muffled music and introductory on-screen text. After a few seconds, the video then comes to life in a vibrant, energy-filled, colorful way and dives into the exciting new label color choices. From there, dozens of Trello’s most visual features are highlighted to show users how easy it is to make your team’s work in Trello more engaging, fun, and organized.

Aimtal was careful to display the product features in a fast-moving yet digestible way in order to properly showcase all highlighted features while not sacrificing the high energy of the video.

The final step included selecting a background song with an old-school hip-hop tone to lend to the playful nature of the video. Final edits were made to sync transitions to the beat of the song, making for an upbeat and high-quality end result.


Results and impact of the ‘Work in Color’ product video

This exciting feature video was planned and prepared in connection with a larger go-to-market campaign. Aimtal provided strategic recommendations on how to integrate marketing initiatives for announcing the launch in a way that would create a cohesive and holistic audience experience.

The video was used as the staple asset to announce the feature launch, and Aimtal spearheaded the creation, management, and execution of the campaign on both blog and social media. The Trello team also debuted the video at the Atlassian Work Life event in September 2022.

Thanks to Aimtal’s top-notch video production services, open communication, efficient processes, and emphasis on collaboration, the Aimtal team was able to deliver the finished video within just a month’s time.

The completed video garnered a significant amount of internal and external praise, and became one of the centerpieces of this Trello campaign as well as the standard for future product video releases.

The video currently has more than 5,500 views on YouTube, and received a significant amount of attention on social media.

Working with Aimtal for our Work In Color video felt like, well, working in color! Discussions were vibrant, ideas were bold, and the execution of the video was not only quick and thorough, but excited our entire team in the process. We use this video as our 'standard' now for designing future feature announcements."

Rani Shah, Brand Marketing Manager, Trello

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