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Finding the intersection between code and community

How Prisma Cloud is bringing a community of security professionals together through outstanding video content


In an industry as profoundly complex and fast-paced as cloud-native security, guidance and connection are of paramount importance. As the industry grows and changes rapidly, more and more cloud security professionals are looking for opportunities to develop their skills and connect with their peers. In our increasingly isolated online world, this is easier said than done.

Understanding this, cloud security provider Prisma Cloud hoped to create a space for security professionals to engage with one another by providing a platform to showcase the experts doing the hands-on work within the cloud security and application development industries. As an initial content offering for this space, Prisma Cloud wanted to produce a series of recorded conversations with cloud and application security experts, allowing them to share their insights and expertise with the larger community.

After working together on their initial explainer video series, the Prisma Cloud team came to Aimtal with several ideas for this new community and the video content that would serve as its foundation. Through a series of collaborative discovery conversations, Aimtal was able to flesh out these ideas and provide a high-level strategy for implementing the DevSecTalks community hub.

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Under Aimtal’s direction, the DevSecTalks Dialogue Series – a collection of half-hour “fireside chat” videos – became the primary content marketing offering of the new DevSecTalks community. Each season features a host from the Prisma Cloud team facilitating casual, informative, and conversational DevSecOps and cloud security discussions with experts and industry leaders, with each episode running between 25-30 minutes in length.

Aimtal also created a holistic, integrated marketing strategy around this series to support the ongoing growth of the DevSecTalks community. The Aimtal team used SEO research tactics to write corresponding blog posts for each episode, maintained and expanded DevSecTalks social media accounts from scratch, designed branded promotional assets, and created a multi-page microsite to serve as a content repository for all DevSecTalks related content.

As the community grows, DevSecTalks will continue to evolve into a fully-formed brand with various content series, podcasts, events, webinars, and more – all working in tandem to achieve Prisma Cloud’s marketing and branding goals.

The Aimtal team truly served as an extension of our internal marketing team throughout the creation and production of the DevSecTalks Dialogue Series. From facilitating recording sessions and coaching speakers through the interview process, to designing a dedicated microsite from scratch, the team went above and beyond to ensure that DevSecTalks maintained a cohesive and high-quality presence online. They’re a team that fully embodies the integrated approach, from the high-level strategy to the smaller key details that led to the success of this community hub."

Grace Cheung, Director of Content, Identity and Digital Marketing, Prisma Cloud

Engaging the DevSecTalks audience with meaningful thought leadership content

As the flagship content offering of the new DevSecTalks community, the DevSecTalks Dialogue Series was designed to showcase thought leaders in the cloud and application security industries and within Prisma Cloud itself. Not only would the series provide watchers with valuable insights from industry experts, but it would also give these experts a platform in which to share their ideas and opinions on the current state of the industry.

With these requirements and guidelines in mind, Aimtal provided guidance on how best to elevate the programming before beginning to oversee the recording and production of new episodes.

Throughout the Season 1 recording process Aimtal worked as an extension of Prisma Cloud’s marketing team to shape the direction of the show and achieve their desired goals and KPIs. Aimtal created all video assets, written content, and branding collateral based on the ideas and strategy presented to the client.


As a part of this process, Aimtal’s designers and video editors worked to create a new logo and a significant number of templated recurring design assets, creating a unique, recognizable, and cohesive brand for the Dialogue Series and for the DevSecTalks community as a whole. Although the DevSecTalks community branding stands alone, Aimtal ensured that the series’ design identity included a few subtle nods to its founder. Prisma Cloud’s brand colors and design elements, from it’s signature light blue hue to it’s geometric designs, were strategically incorporated – highlighting the relationship between the two entities.

Thanks to the collaborative and creative processes facilitated by the Aimtal team, Season 1 of the DevSecTalks Dialogue Series was incredibly successful, making an impact on the desired target audience while growing and nurturing a community of relevant businesses and thought leaders.

Results: Season 1 notched more than 300,000 YouTube video views

Click on the links below to view some DevSecTalks episodes:

Why Strong Security is Essential in an Organization's Software Development Life Cycle

The Importance of Prioritizing API Security in Cloud Computing Today


Fostering community through social media engagement

To build a successful online community, a strong and highly visible social media presence is crucial. Understanding this, Aimtal created Twitter and LinkedIn accounts from scratch, implementing a content strategy designed not only to promote DevSecTalks-related content, but also to provide community members with a valuable resource for DevOps and cloud security information, trends, and news.

This social media strategy leveraged custom graphics and video assets created by Aimtal’s design team and sourced from full-length DevSecTalks episodes, while simultaneously elevating notable events, thought-leadership content, and recentindustry news articles to curate an engaging feed for DevSecTalks community members.

Thanks to this integrated approach to online community building, the DevSecTalks social media pages grew rapidly. To further foster momentum, Aimtal proposed and coordinated audience engagement campaigns in conjunction with important in-person industry events, such as the annual developer and user conference KubeCon.

Other audience engagement techniques, such as book giveaways and engaging online polls, helped to maintain growth and online presence. This in turn allowed Aimtal to facilitate connections with the DevSecTalks audience and previous guests from the series long after the release of all Season 1 episodes, providing additional value to DevSecTalks followers and priming them for new content.

Results: More than 2,500 followers across platforms in less than a year (1,900+ Twitter followers, 700+ LinkedIn followers,) and an average engagement rate of over 5% across platforms.


Designing and optimizing a home for DevSecTalks

Thanks to the creative thinking and operational efficiency displayed during the production of the DevSecTalks Dialogue Series, Aimtal was soon tapped to design and implement a dedicated DevSecTalks microsite to serve as a content repository and community hub.

Utilizing deep knowledge of SEO and the power of effective content marketing, Aimtal also undertook the creation of dedicated blog posts for each episode, helping to boost the value of the DevSecTalks Dialogue Series content and further elevate the community and microsite’s visibility. Each blog post highlights key points from the conversation, strategically driving readers toward the complete, embedded episode. This approach allowed users who have encountered the DevSecTalks website through organic search to quickly grasp the nature of the content before leading them to the full episode, increasing the chance of converting them into viewers.

The DevSecTalks community also needed an online home – a place to publish blog posts, provide insight on the series, and host a growing library of video interviews. Working from scratch and utilizing DevSecTalks branding elements, Aimtal designed a microsite hosted within the Palo Alto Networks website. This multipage microsite required extensive communication and collaboration with the Palo Alto Networks development team to ensure that all key functionality features, accessibility aspects, and responsive elements worked smoothly. This carefully crafted microsite served as the cohesive core of the DevSecTalks community, providing a hub with valuable resources and content for members and interested developers.


Reach and results of the DevSecTalks community

The DevSecTalks developer community, as well as Season 1 of the DevSecTalks  Dialogue Series, has made a measurable impact on Prisma Cloud’s target audience, creating and nurturing a community of relevant DevOps professionals and thought leaders. The first episodes of Season 2 of the Dialogue Series have already enjoyed a significant level of success, with the first episode of Season 2 resulting in some of the highest amount of impressions that the series has seen so far. DevSecTalks has also been acknowledged by a variety of high-profile guests in the world of cloud security.

Season 1 of the DevSecTalks Dialogue Series ended with more than 300,000 YouTube views and more than 6,800 watch hours spread across eight episodes, Additionally, the implementation of Aimtal’s strategic recommendations created a community of more than 2,000 engaged followers across Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Building on the success of the Dialogue Series and community hub, DevSecTalks’ content offerings will continue to grow with the planned future addition of new video series, webinars, and DevOps courses.

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Learn more about our services

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