An integrated approach to cloud security education:

How Aimtal helped Prisma Cloud grow and engage an audience of security professionals through educational videos and resources


It seems like “the cloud” is ubiquitous nowadays – and in many ways, it is. Calling cloud technology “the centerpiece of new digital experiences,” Gartner estimates that global cloud revenue could reach almost half a trillion dollars in 2022, with even more growth on the horizon.

The cloud is moving as fast as the winds of change can blow it (forgive the pun), and it provides organizations with exciting new possibilities in our increasingly online world. Conversely, the rapid growth of cloud technology means the technology needed to secure these new innovations often lags far behind.

World-leading cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks quickly recognized this disparity and set about remedying it with Prisma Cloud, a comprehensive cloud-native security platform. Prisma Cloud needed a way to elevate and expand its brand and product awareness, reach existing and new target audiences, and provide educational resources to industry professionals. They chose Aimtal to spearhead the creation of a new video and blog series pursuant to these goals.

Although already boasting a comprehensive, world-class security platform, Prisma Cloud needed help getting their brand in front of their target audiences – and, crucially, engaging with them by providing content these audiences were searching for. It wasn’t enough to produce a best-in-class product; Prisma Cloud needed current and prospective customers to view them as competent and trustworthy cloud security experts.

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The Prisma Cloud team approached Aimtal to find solutions to their audience engagement challenge, and with their team’s marketing needs and goals in mind, Aimtal conducted SEO and audience research to gain a more robust understanding of the types of content that tend to engage this desired audience.

Through this extensive research, Aimtal discovered that many of Prisma Cloud’s target audiences were seeking out top-of-funnel marketing content related to the basics of the complex world of cloud security. Aimtal quickly realized that Prisma Cloud’s target audiences could greatly benefit from shorter-form video and blog content centered on educational, 101-level ideas and cloud security concepts.


Based on these findings, Aimtal pitched an informative and personality-heavy “explainer” series titled What’s That? with Prisma Cloud. This series sought to break down the complicated concepts of cloud security into short, entertaining, and easy-to-understand videos, with info supported by visually appealing animations and on-screen infographics.

Through the development of this explainer video series, Aimtal was able to develop valuable content that would support lead nurture campaigns and amplify product launches - including one of Prisma Cloud's most significant campaigns of the year.

Aimtal did a fantastic job at helping our team achieve our content marketing goals through the development of this video series. There were some gaps in our SEO footprint, and Aimtal created a strategy rooted in video and blog content that allowed Prisma Cloud to attract and connect with a large audience within the DevOps/developer persona.

Aimtal created the “What’s That with Prisma Cloud” video series for YouTube that not only provided educational content to our audience but also positioned our internal team members as friendly, knowledgable, and competent thought leaders within the cloud security industry.

Grace Cheung, Director of Content, Identity and Digital Marketing, Prisma Cloud


A collaborative approach to conceptualizing an educational video series

During the client onboarding process, Aimtal began by using Prisma Cloud’s marketing needs and goals as a reference point for our comprehensive SEO research initiative and audit, in order to better understand how Prisma Cloud’s existing audience segments searched for cloud security-related content.

The findings of this work revealed two key insights. First, most audience segments searched for 101-level, basic terms for an introduction to cloud security topics (often using phrases beginning with “What is” or “What are”) which led to the conception of the series’ name and episode titles.) A second, more seasoned group of audience members were searching for expert-level, advanced concepts – underlying their familiarity with the industry.



Based on these findings, Aimtal worked to conceptualize What’s That? with Prisma Cloud, a digestible, informative, and entertaining video series serving as a resource for cloud-security beginners and experts alike. The series took complex topics related to cloud security and presented them clearly and concisely in 10 minutes or less, supported by infographics, real life examples/analogies, and on-screen animations to capture the attention of Prisma Cloud's target audience of DevOps professionals.


Creating a robust, SEO-centric content marketing strategy

With the concept behind What’s That? with Prisma Cloud solidified and approved, Aimtal worked to develop a marketing strategy to ensure this series quickly connected with its target audiences as intended. Through in-depth competitor analysis, SEO research, and a deep understanding of the structural and animated elements that make educational video content engaging and successful, Aimtal created a detailed and intentional format and structure for episodes of the What’s That? with Prisma Cloud series.



In addition to the videos themselves, Aimtal proposed and created SEO-optimized, carefully crafted YouTube video descriptions and companion blog posts, as well as a variety of social media content and promotional assets to ensure that the series would reach the right audiences.

Results: 13,125 YouTube views as of Dec. 2022


Reach and results for the What’s That? series

Since its inception, Aimtal has produced nine What’s That? with Prisma Cloud episodes. Thanks to the integrated marketing approach followed throughout the creation of this series, Aimtal and Prisma Cloud have been able to use and reuse What’s That? content on a variety of platforms and marketing initiatives. What’s That? Video snippets and blogs have been widely shared across Prisma Cloud’s social media channels, providing valuable content, information, and resources to their online audiences. 

Internally, the What’s That? series immediately began to gain traction at Prisma Cloud. Due to the high-quality and evergreen nature of this new video content, it quickly became part of Prisma Cloud’s lead nurture activities, further boosting its marketing value.

Results (cont.)

After seeing the success it achieved on lead nurture campaigns, What’s That? content was also repurposed to become the primary video creative for one of Prisma Cloud's most significant product launches of 2022: the Hyperdrive messaging launch, promoting a new Code-to-Cloud CNAPP solution. A short-form video was developed utilizing information, graphics, and audio from the “What is a CNAPP?” episode of What’s That? to provide viewers with context behind the importance of application security and the value of their CNAPP solution.



In addition, the What’s That? series served to elevate the Prisma Cloud team as experts and thought leaders in the cloud security space by prominently featuring members of their leadership team throughout each episode, and drove a significant amount of traffic to the Prisma Cloud YouTube page, fulfilling two of Prisma Cloud’s primary marketing goals.


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