Driving demand, leads, and growth:

How Aimtal helped Wellness Coach increase sales demo requests by 78%


How an integrated strategy involving brand development, empathetic content, and demand generation positioned an emerging wellness platform as an industry leader

No one could have predicted that 2020 would quickly become the year when office-goers would become fully remote employees due to the pandemic. But research from McKinsey & Company shows that by fall of 2020, 72% of executives from around the world had started moving their organizations toward permanent work-from-home models.

A few trends came along with the new virtual way of working — increased flexibility and better productivity, but also higher levels of stress and anxiety that prompted the American Psychological Association to declare the U.S. was “facing a national mental health crisis.” The need for accessible well-being resources had never been higher.

Holistic wellness and coaching platform Wellness Coach recognized they had an opportunity to fill the void. But as a relatively young, investor-backed SaaS start-up, they needed a partner who was capable of helping them grow quickly. They ultimately chose Aimtal to help scale their business and better connect with their target audience of HR professionals.

Having started with a small but scrappy sales team, Wellness Coach needed help reaching their target audience — HR leaders — at scale. This audience wasn’t used to engaging with employee solutions providers in a virtual setting, so tactics like sending cold emails just didn’t work.

Wellness Coach needed a holistic strategy for hooking this audience in: a way to quickly communicate the pain point and value proposition that made their platform different from apps that exclusively focused on meditation for mental health support. At first, Aimtal acted as an outsourced marketing department that focused on refining Wellness Coach’s brand and developing a content marketing strategy to drive awareness among HR leaders.

By jump-starting these top-of-funnel marketing services and consulting Wellness Coach on how to build an integrated marketing strategy, Aimtal paved the way for a full demand-generation engine that fueled incredible growth.

2021/2022 results


Ad impressions

between 2021 and 2022



Increase in

year-over-year sales demo requests



Increase in

organic website traffic


Followers gained

across social media channels



Engagement rate

across social media channels



Retention rate

across Wellness Coach clients


Using a consultative approach to create a customer-centric marketing strategy

Through discovery conversations, competitor research, consulting, and a deep understanding of Wellness Coach’s target personas, Aimtal was able to identify pain points in Wellness Coach’s lead funnel, discover untapped audiences, and develop key messaging strategies.

From there, Aimtal recommended a variety of tactics that worked together as part of an integrated marketing strategy that set the stage for long-term growth.

What exactly did the plan involve? Aimtal crafted a strategy that leveraged content marketing, paid ads, landing pages, email campaigns, sales enablement materials, social media marketing, and customer retention resources to reach prospects at every touchpoint along their journeys.

Aimtal is a true marketing partner that played a crucial role in helping us grow. Having founded several companies, I can say the Aimtal team has what it takes to deliver high-quality marketing that drives real results. From lead generation to paid ads to collaborating with sales to the entire marketing strategy, they get it done and they’re a great team to work with.”

D Sharma, CEO & Co-Founder, Wellness Coach


Increasing brand awareness and authority with content marketing

With their website just getting off the ground, Wellness Coach was seeking direction on what types of messaging and imagery would frame their platform in a way that appealed to visitors. They also needed a reliable strategy for consistently driving traffic to the website.

Aimtal leveraged SEO research, an in-depth understanding of topics that resonate with HR leaders, as well as imagery and messaging that reflected the full breadth of Wellness Coach’s offerings — 1:1 personal coaching, guided meditations, team challenges, and more — to create on-brand content.

With this approach, Aimtal crafted web pages and blog posts that were both informative and primed for search engine discoverability.

Results: Increased total keyword rankings by 251% and grew organic website traffic by 292%.



Increase in

total keywords rankings and 292% growth in organic website traffic

Paid Ads

Driving leads with paid ads

To pinpoint Wellness Coach prospects, Aimtal built highly targeted audiences on LinkedIn and granular keyword ad sets in Google, each of which were paired with ads promoting a free demo of Wellness Coach.

On top of these demo campaigns, Aimtal created brand awareness ads that referenced popular app integrations as well as retargeting campaigns to further connect with audiences who had already engaged with Wellness Coach.

Across months of optimizing messaging, creative, and targeting, Aimtal zeroed in on what resonated best with Wellness Coach’s top audiences.


Sales demo requests

across 2021 and 2022, increasing year-over-year sales demo requests by 78%.

Landing Pages

Streamlining conversions with landing pages

Landing pages have a problem: most of them use a lead form that requires follow-up to actually schedule a meeting. It's a tedious process that results in a lot of lost opportunities.

In addition to optimizing Wellness Coach’s landing pages for conversion with social proof, powerful messaging, and eye-catching visuals, Aimtal replaced the typical on-page form with a calendar integration to streamline the demo-booking process and connect with the Wellness Coach sales team.



Increase in

sales meetings from ad conversions with the help of automated demo requests-to-meeting process.

Social Media

Connecting with target audiences on social media

Making a splash on social media is no easy feat. It’s a crowded space, but Aimtal crafted a strategic plan to create social posts that would generate engagement from Wellness Coach’s target audiences, particularly on LinkedIn.

By focusing on common challenges HR leaders struggle to solve, engaging with Wellness Coach’s community of coaches, and encouraging the sales team to share content with their networks, Aimtal refined the brand’s social media presence and grew its follower base.


Increase in

total social media followers

Email Nurture Campaigns

Engaging qualified prospects with email workflows

While some leads are eager to set up a sales call immediately after converting, many need additional information and product education before they’re ready to reach that point.

Knowing this, Aimtal developed and executed email nurture campaigns to continually engage audiences who had taken actions such as attending a webinar or downloading a guide.

By segmenting audiences into targeted groups and sharing relevant content, these campaigns provided prospective customers with valuable information that encouraged them to interact with emails.



Email open rates

and engagement from a number of prominent prospective customers.

Sales Enablement

Empowering sales with deal-closing content

Going beyond simply driving marketing qualified leads, Aimtal went the next step to provide the Wellness Coach sales team with assets to help them connect with HR leaders and, ultimately, close deals.

These assets included a downloadable guide about employee engagement and a new sales deck that focused on topics that are top-of-mind for Wellness Coach’s target audiences.

Our sales team loved partnering with Aimtal. Their paid ads strategy and campaigns helped generate quality inbound leads each month. Beyond that, they armed us with valuable content for our sales meetings. They’re a reliable, collaborative team and always looking for new ways to support sales!"

Lauren Krahenbuhl, Director of Sales, Wellness Coach

Customer Retention

Delighting customers for continued success

Knowing the customer journey is never truly over, Aimtal supported Wellness Coach with content tailored toward existing customers to ensure long-term retention.

Monthly emails promoting wellness challenges provided a fun way for Wellness Coach users to engage in some friendly competition while regular social media posts ensured followers were consistently delighted with fresh, engaging content.



Retention rate

across Wellness Coach clients, and supported a 51% employee engagement rate.

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