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The remote worker’s travel guide to Breckenridge

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April 23, 2019
Emily Desrosiers

Commonly referred to as “colorful Colorado”, the home state of the Rocky Mountains offers travelers and locals alike an outdoor paradise all year long.

For those of you who are lucky enough to work remotely and travel as you please, Colorado is the perfect place to visit. There’s one small mountain town, in particular, that’s equipped with many cozy cafes, public workspaces, and outdoor excursions—Breckenridge, Colorado. And it’s the perfect destination for your next “remote work and travel” trip (and the views don’t hurt either).

If you haven’t had the chance to explore the breathtaking beauty of this small ski town, be sure to move it to the top of your travel list! I currently call Breckenridge home and am sharing my favorite cafes, workspaces, and things to do and see while you’re here in the mountains.

On the mountain top

Sitting at 9,600 feet, Breckenridge (lovingly referred to as just “Breck” by locals) is the sixth highest elevation town in the United States and will literally leave you breathless. This quaint mountain town with a bustling Main Street stays busy with events all year long, hosting a festival or two almost every month! Whether you’re here to work, visit, or both, here are some recommendations that will give you the complete Breckenridge experience for your remote work and travel trip. Just don’t forget to hydrate!

Where To Plug-In

There are dozens of coffee shops and cafes in Breckenridge that all offer incredible food, drinks, and vibes  Here are a few of my favorites to relax and recharge:

Cabin Coffee: Step inside and be greeted by the cozy cabin feel of this work-friendly coffee shop. Complete with wi-fi and ample workspace, many local remote workers post up here to get out of the house and smell freshly roasted beans while they work. Check out local Julie Howsmon’s Guide to Breckenridge Coffee Shops for a detailed list of the best coffee spots in town!

Mom’s Baking Co: One of the quietest cafes in Breckenridge, it offers one of the best atmospheres for remote working. Mom’s Baking Co has comfy couches, lots of tables, free wi-fi, and the owners even make baked goods from scratch each morning. Stop in early to grab the freshest pastry in town!

Elevate Breck: If a coffee shop isn’t your ideal workspace, Breckenridge offers a coworking spot right on Main Street! Elevate Breck offers private conference rooms, as well as an open and airy public space to boost productivity while you’re visiting.

Summer activity: Mohawk Lakes trail

If you can bear the altitude (see the end of this post for altitude sickness tips), be sure to carve out some time from your remote workday to tackle the Mohawk Lakes Trail. Only about a ten-minute drive from Breckenridge’s Main Street, this hike ends at one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in the world.

Reaching the lake takes 2-4 hours depending on your altitude acclimation and fitness level, but no matter how long it takes to the summit, you won’t be disappointed. As you ascend, you’ll pass beautiful rivers and small waterfalls, with incredible views of the Rockies. The last 20 minutes is a bit of a steep climb until at last, you see the bright turquoise color of the lake below you. Be sure to dip your feet in and enjoy a snack by the lake while taking in the view. Traveling with a furry friend? Dogs are allowed to use this trail on leash!

Winter activity: Dogsledding

Most think that skiing is Colorado’s claim to fame, and while they’re correct, there are a lot of other snowy activities to partake in! If you’re a fan of dogs and spending time outdoors, Good Times Dog Sledding Adventures in Breckenridge has the cutest huskies in Colorado to show you around the mountains.

You’ll have the option to just sit back and relax or to actually take charge and steer the sled. If you’re looking for an interactive way to explore six miles of the Rocky Mountains with an experienced guide while hanging out with dozens of fluffy pups, be sure to check out Good Times Dog Sledding Adventures!

Day trip options

Vail: Only 45 minutes from Breckenridge, Vail village and ski resort was built to resemble classic European alpine architecture. Be sure to head here in the summer to attend the GoPro Mountain Games, and come in the winter for the world-class skiing.

Glenwood Springs: The two hour drive through Glenwood Canyon from Breckenridge to Glenwood Springs is one of the prettiest you’ll ever experience. Home to a number of natural hot springs, and an old western downtown, Glenwood Springs is an easy ‘yes’. In the winter, head to Iron Mountain Hot Springs for a soak with a view, and in the summer book a reservation at Glenwood Canyon Rafting for a blood-pumping thrill.

Rocky Mountain National Park: Take a short road trip to Rocky Mountain National Park in the summer, and stand in awe as you view some of the most prominent peaks in the state. A perfect spot for camping, hiking, or even just a drive-through, this national park is one of most sought after destinations in Colorado.

Colorado travel tips

Altitude sickness

Breckenridge is considered to be a ‘high alpine environment’, meaning that there is less oxygen and variable weather conditions. Many travelers to Breckenridge suffer from altitude sickness during the first few days of their arrival. Symptoms include lightheadedness, nausea, migraines, and shortness of breath even while just walking.

The best way to prepare and get ahead of altitude sickness is to hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate. About two days prior to traveling to Breckenridge, double your water intake and continue doing so during your visit. If you start feeling ill, stop by The O2 Lounge, an oxygen bar that helps combat altitude sickness. They also have an internet cafe, complete with PCs, wi-fi, and coffee!

Airport and road travel

About a two hour drive away, Denver International Airport is the closest airport to Breckenridge. One thing to keep in mind if you’re traveling to Breckenridge during the winter is the vehicle traction laws. It’s against the law during snowy weather to drive on the highway without 4-wheel drive and snow tires. If you’re renting a car, be sure it’s equipped for the mountains! An easier way to get to and from the airport is by using Summit Express, an airport shuttle company offering free wi-fi on board.

Beware of mud season

Breckenridge has two times of year referred to as ‘mud season’. It refers to the off-season that takes place in May and October, where many restaurants, shops, and adventure tour companies close down for a few weeks. Be aware that if you’re traveling to Breckenridge during either of these months, it probably won’t be the same experience as you’d have in the more popular times of the year.

In May, most hiking trails are inaccessible due to the muddy snowmelt, and in October, most of the town closes down to prepare for the busy winter season. The best times of year to visit are December-March and July-September!

Pack your bags for your next ‘remote work and travel trip’

We hope this guide inspires you to treat yourself to a ’remote work and travel trip’ and to explore a new place. Being a super laptop friendly town, Breckenridge will satisfy your remote working needs and leave you in awe of all its beauty. But if you’re not too keen on the mountains and colder weather, check out our blog post about Working Remotely in Miami for more remote work and travel ideas!

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