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The remote worker's guide to Miami, Florida

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November 3, 2018
Randi Richards

Us remote workers always say we have the best job – and indeed we do. But sitting in the same room day after day starts to feel like you’re back working in the confines of an office, right? Closed walls and no change of scenery ultimately leads to a creative block. So if you’re in a rut and live in Miami or plan to travel here, it’s time to snap out of it and enjoy the fresh ocean breeze in Miami and South Beach.  

I’m Randi, account manager at Aimtal, and I work remotely with the team and our clients from my ocean view apartment in Miami.  But as mentioned above, it’s important for me to switch up my routine and to get out of the house. So I went on a mission to find the best best work spots throughout Downtown Miami and South Beach just for you!

Plus, life’s too short to not try every cup of coffee – and chocolate croissant — while co-working around the country. Read on to discover my favorite spots in Miami for working remotely.

But first, do you have WiFi?

Ugh, the deal breaker. The vibe is so good, and the food looks amazing at the cafe you’ve stumbled upon or had your heart set on to visit. But alas, there’s no WiFi. This happens often in small mom and pop shops. Unless you have unlimited data on your mobile plan or a hotspot like Skyroam, a cafe without WiFi won’t bode well for a morning or afternoon of work.

The easiest solution to this problem is to call the cafe or restaurant ahead of time and ask them if they have wifi for people who’d like to get a little work done. You can also consult Yelp reviews or use one of my favorite apps, Workfrom. This research will help you pinpoint which spots in the city have the atmosphere you want along with the online connection you need to grind  out your work.

The best spots in Miami and South Beach for remote workers

Peet’s Coffee at the Capital One Cafe – Brickell

It’s hard to decide if this spot is my my favorite because of the occasional free cupcakes or the high tech USB charging outlets. Either way, this is the best spot to plug in and go heads down on your to-do list! They even have private nooks if you need to make a phone call. If you’re a Capital One cardholder, you’ll get 50% off all drinks – even specialty ones. PLUS, the internet is spectacular. Bonus: you will most likely see some furry friends frequenting the cafe.

Angelina’s Coffee – Midtown

Angelina’s Coffee has super fast WiFi, outdoor seating, and some of the best smoothies in Midtown. Grab a coffee or a freshly pressed juice and soak up some sun and fresh air while you type your heart away. In typical Miami fashion, you’ll see people co-working with their dogs on the patio.

Aroma Espresso Bar – South Beach

This place makes Starbucks look like a total #fail. Their cups of coffee are massive and affordable. The food and seating options are endless – making it the best spot to work on South Beach. Make sure you visit the one on 7th, since 17th is in the midst of a tourism central. If you’re craving something sweet, try one of their blended coffee shakes!

Panther Coffee – Wynwood & South Beach

Panther Coffee has multiple locations in South Beach, Wynwood, and Coconut Grove – if you’re feeling adventurous and want to explore the burbs. This place is a supercharged WiFi spot with a focus on making the best coffee. You’ll find an abundance of snacks and pastry here as well.

Pasion del Cielo – Brickell

A large open room with a calming atmosphere makes this one of the most ideal places to work. You’ll find coffee from all over the world here – which you can pair with a pastry or two!

Pura Vida – Edgewater & South Beach

Acai bowls, hearty salads, vegans cookies, oh my! This is my absolute favorite place to indulge in some healthy fare and take in the beauty of South Pointe. The lush yet minimalist decor and friendly atmosphere makes it a calming place to work and brings you the zen you need to finish out your work day. Be sure to check out each location to appreciate its tropical charm!

You’re in a tropical paradise! Don’t forget to stop and smell the ocean breeze

In Miami, you’re the closest you can get to the Caribbean while in the U.S.

Take a break and explore Miami and South Beach. Wander through Bayfront Park’s lush palm trees, take a lap around the Brickell Key bike trail, or go for a run on the South Beach boardwalk. We can’t stress enough how important it is to take a few breaks during your work day (which can be tough for us remote workers to do).

So while you’re in Miami and South Beach, remember to unplug from your electronics, enjoy the warm sun on your face, and indulge in what this vibrant city has to offer!

All products and businesses mentioned in this post are not sponsored or affiliated with Aimtal. We just generally enjoy them!

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