Janet Mesh

CEO + Co-Founder

Janet is the CEO + Co-Founder of Aimtal. She works directly with our clients to provide exceptional digital and content marketing services.

Janet was born and raised in Boston, MA then headed slightly north to the University of New Hampshire. She graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication and Marketing.

Janet’s passion for marketing didn’t stop after college or many internships related to the field. Upon graduation, she worked for an IT staffing firm and helped grow its marketing strategies and department.

After three years with the firm, Janet craved flexibility and creativity. She traveled through South America for four months and upon her return to Boston, she started freelancing. Janet worked with various clients providing digital and content marketing services. After two years of full-time freelancing, Janet decided to start Aimtal with her business partner. Together, they provide digital marketing services to their clients.


Born & raised: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Graduated: University of New Hampshire with BA in Communications + Marketing
Lover of: marketing, writing, remote work, getting $#!+ done, traveling, trying new restaurants, Instagram, and sleeping in on Saturdays