Ines Kampschulte

Ines Kampschulte

Marketing Project Manager

Ines is a result-oriented Marketing & Business Development expert with 8 years of strong B2B and shopper marketing experience. A value-driven team leader with a clear vision and commitment to integrity, Ines enjoys driving sustainable brand growth through experiential, sensorial, and digital marketing.

Ines is a self-described globetrotter and has lived in the U.S., China, Bangkok, and currently lives in Toronto, Canada. She has excellent intercultural skills, is flexible, quick to adapt, loves to learn, and never shies away from stepping out of her comfort zone.


Born & raised: Dortmund, Germany

Graduated: Bachelor of Arts in English and American Studies & Sinology, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany | Master of Business Administration (Corporate Management), Shanghai University, China

Lover of: Marketing and business development, finding ways to work efficiently and productively, traveling and wanderlust, photography, bookstores, coffee shops, baking, fitness.