The Best Super Bowl LIII Commercials Ads, According To The Aimtal Team

These Ads Were the Real MVPs of the Night 

By: Janet Mesh | February 5, 2019

While the country geared up to watch the Patriots and the Rams go head-to-head in Super Bowl LIII, the Aimtal team grabbed a seat on the couch with our favorite Sunday football snacks in arms reach to watch the moments in between the big game. While there was minimal excitement during the actual game, our team was cheering from the sidelines for this year’s commercial ads.

(Okay, we also cheered at the end of the Super Bowl. Aimtal was founded in Boston so we’re a bit partial to Tom Brady and The Patriots crew 😉)

Take a look at our favorite commercial ads from Super Bowl LIII.


Pepsi: “More Than OK”

This ad hit the nail on the head to confront how consumers respond at restaurants when Coca-Cola isn’t available (I’ve definitely denied a Pepsi a time or two at dinner). The celebrity appearances seemed a bit random, but we did love the cameo of Lil Jon. We also loved how Pepsi took a stab at Coke during this Super Bowl since it was hosted in Coca-Cola’s hometown — Atlanta.


HBO x Bud Light: “Joust”

This ad was a fan favorite as many thought it was the return of the popular Dilly Dilly ad. The ad took viewers by surprise when the medieval joust welcomed a Game of Thrones’ character, Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane, as he crushed the skull of the beloved Bud Knight. The ad concluded with one of Daenerys’s dragons burning the entire scene to smithereens. In the end, this was a Game of Thrones ad promoting the upcoming season. We loved how the two brands collaborated to put on a show during the commercial break.


Amazon: “Not Everything Makes the Cut”

As we all know, Amazon has seen huge success with the adoption of the Amazon Alexa in homes across America. This ad focused on the new Amazon Alexa microwave and then delved into the many mishaps of the product in other popular home tools. The ad featured favorite celebrity faces like Ilana Glazer, Forest Whitaker, and Harrison Ford. In our opinion, the ad wasn’t as funny as last year’s spot but was another creative approach from the brand and their agency.


Google: “One Hundred Billion Words”

If there was one commercial ad you could relate to during Super Bowl LIII, it was this ad by Google. The tech giant didn’t use their ad spend to promote a new product but instead focused on the company’s 12-year-old multilingual translation service. The ad did a phenomenal job promoting the human side of technology and how it is used to bring us together even when we don’t speak the same language.


Dietz & Watson: “Dietz Nuts”

This dialogue between Craig and Chris Robinson was a hilarious play on the viral Deez Nuts Vine video of 2015.  The brand did a nice job of turning the phrase into a new jangle for the brand. Planters also had a great, action-packed commercial ad during the Super Bowl this year. So we’re giving the MVP award to all nuts brands.



AdWeek put every Super Bowl LIII Ad into about a 2-minute spot. Watch it here.

What were your favorite commercial ads from Super Bowl LIII? Let us know in the comments or tell us on Twitter (@aimtal_co)!