How to Grow Your Social Media Channels with a Limited Budget

Aim High With Low Spend

By: Randi Richards | April 16, 2019

Let’s be real—social media is not an option anymore. It’s a necessity. For your business to succeed in this digitally centric world, you need a strong presence on the major social media channels.

It’s a pay to play world, especially with the algorithm changes on Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn.  But, do you really need to blow a huge monthly budget to make an impression on social? Can you still grow your reach and engagement with organic posts?

It’s frustrating for small businesses to compete with large brands who seem to have an endless budget. Fortunately, creating a successful social media marketing campaign doesn’t always require a huge budget to make a meaningful impact.

By creating the right, organic content and crafting a relevant strategy, you can develop a strong social media marketing campaign with little to no dough. 🌿📲


Build A Sustainable Strategy

This first step of success is mapping and building a social media strategy that makes sense for your brand and bandwidth.  Your strategy should always have your customer in mind —It’s important to take the time to understand your customers, so you can develop a concrete target market that will have the greatest amount of return. Then create messaging that will resonate with your customers and stick to it.

Your voice represents your brand. While developing your strategy, be clear in how and what you will say in your posts and captions. Will you use professional or conversational language? Will you use emojis? 🤔 Identify your brand’s personality and have that shine through in every social post.


Utilize Good User Generated Content

Does your business have Instagram worthy content, products, or locations? Keep an eye out for tagged photos and locations on Instagram – these photos (or videos) can provide you with free content. If you’re a brand that wants to build a social presence, it’s important to encourage your users to create content by sharing their stories, pictures, and ALWAYS tagging your handle so you can feature their images.

Pro tip: Always remember to ask the owner of the photo permission before posting. Then give them photo credit by tagging their handle in the caption of the post.


Work With Local Influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective (and popular) social media marketing tactics – and brands are developing relationships with these Insta gurus by the day. Influencer marketing allows brands to advertise directly to their target audience, by choosing an influencer who is willing to promote a product or service on behalf of the brand.

Marketing through influencers allows brands to promote through someone who has an audience who engages with them on a daily basis, and trusts their word when they post about products. Think about it like a Yelp review. People will trust what customers say about a restaurant over the restaurant claiming their the best spot on the block.

This holds true for influencer marketing. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations to make a purchasing decision. Consumers are more willing to trust the opinion of influencers they follow (and their peers) versus the actual brand.

Many influencers ask for payment but you can identify a few up and coming ones who would be willing to work with you for free products or services. Pitch this as an option initially and make an offer that makes sense for their availability to promote your brand.

Mistakes To Avoid When Launching Social Media Advertising campaigns


Tools You Can Start Using Today To Grow Your Social Media Channels

Looking to get a head start on crafting top-notch content? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite tools that are free and user-friendly so you can create images and posts that boost reach and engagement.



Design presentations, social media graphics, and more with thousands of beautiful layouts from Canva. Simply drop in your information into their hundreds of templates or craft one from scratch on your own. Their newest feature allows you to animate your images too, creating gifs and mp4s with just one click.


Schedule in advance up to 10 posts across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and manage up to 3 profiles with Buffer’s free plan. While there are a variety of options for larger agencies, the free plan is just enough to suit any limited budget.


A miracle database for free (and stunning) stock imagery––Unsplash is bound to be your new best friend. There’s no need to pay hundreds of dollars for stock images when you have this at your fingertips. Utilize these in your social media posts, or even in your advertising campaigns to dramatically decrease the cost.


Keep A Close Eye On Performance And Analytics

The proof is in the pudding – we mean, numbers. Almost all social networks provide free analytics tools that will help you measure your content, audience, and overall campaign success. Simply go into your business insights, and begin monitoring your progress of followers, reach, and engagement. Doing this will allow you to know which posts are performing best, and come up with an action plan to address posts that make your numbers drop.

Whether you’re a business owner or in-house social media marketer, you need to be able to justify the success of your social media marketing efforts. If you’re not measuring your digital success, you’re playing a guessing game – and wasting valuable time and money.

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