Why Businesses Are Building Their Brands With The Social Network In Mind

Do It For The ‘Gram

By: Randi Richards | October 22, 2018

How many times have you gone to a restaurant or a social outing JUST to take your next Instagram photo?

You’re not alone – and businesses are beginning to take stride with you. From instagrammable tables, to lush settings, and neon signage, businesses are building their brick-and-mortar locations with social media as their muse. In particular, Instagram is changing the way we design spaces and grow businesses – and we’re lovin’ this Insta-worthy trend.


This Place Is *So* Instagrammable

From the food to the floor, hospitality businesses are building their locations with intention. Social media has changed the way these businesses operate. Restaurant owners are getting more creative with their food and decor to attract loyal customers with their phones in hand.

From the decor and lighting, to the way food is presented, business are crafting their locations with the sole intention of getting customers to post photos on Instagram.

And it’s a smart approach.

A report from Social Annex states that user-generated Instagram posts see 50% higher engagement over branded images.

By creating photographic spaces, restaurants and hotels are able to generate online buzz when their target customers share their own photos on their feeds.

In addition to this, hospitality businesses will invite social media influencers and bloggers to soft openings of their new locations to get the word out and to give the public an inside look of their next Instagrammable spot.


The First Restaurant In U.S. With An ‘Instagram Table’

We’re not the only ones with an appetite for social media. A $10,000 custom made table has made its way to Boston’s newest downtown restaurant, Boston Chops. According to Forbes, “the table boasts customizable features including moveable arm lights, adjustable light intensities and adjustable color temperature settings.”  

Chris Coombs and Brian Piccini made a point to meet with social media influencers around the area to gain insight on what features were needed to make the first Instagrammable table.  The table is available upon reservation only. The table was a strategic move for the steak house — this table helps generate more business, attracts more attention to restaurant, and ultimately results in a higher chance of being featured on the gram.

Because if it’s on the gram, it’s worth going.


What Does This Mean For the Future of Local Businesses?

If you think businesses were competitive before, social media has opened a whole new door and a whole new territory for competition.

Bringing two worlds together, social media has allowed businesses to spread their name to potential visitors with more ease than ever. Bringing the world of social media into restaurants will only result in greater success and more organic content.

Classic advertising isn’t the sole focus anymore when you have a ‘grammable table, a smoking cocktail bowl, or a tropical mural painted inside your restaurant. Millennials are taking over the world, helping local businesses grow by sharing their experiences with friends and family online, and are opening new doors for the success in the land of hospitality. And yes, just with a post to their news feed.

Once we acknowledge this aesthetic phenomenon, what is our responsibility as people who promote it? Our thoughts: more shots of that nice tile floor, please.


Here are some of our favorite Instagrammable restaurants and businesses:

Explorateur in Boston, Massachusetts


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Found my new favorite café in Boston 👌🏼

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Komodo in Miami, Florida


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Found my new favorite café in Boston 👌🏼

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Hank’s in Austin, Texas

Tatte Bakery in Boston, Massachusetts (various locations)


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Happy happy Friday everyone!!!So many emotions this past week opening two locations back to back ( it’s like having twins), joining two new Boston neighborhoods and loving every minute of it. Seeing the team working so beautifully together and our guest give us so much love and support wherever we are. Beautiful spread at our new Pier 4 (Seaport) location. I love everything about this space, and I finally love that floor too. It was an emotional ride of colors for me. Beautiful capture @sdamiani thank you for the love. #biglove #tattebakery #dreameveryday #thankful #youcandoit #tatte10 #ilovemyteam #tatteseaport #pier4 #coffeeshop #csotw #bakery #tattenortheastern #friday #weekend #ihavethisthingwithfloors #staycreative #theprettycities 🙏🏻💪🏻🥐☕️🍳💛

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ChaChaMatcha in Miami and New York City


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Snow Can’t stop the Peppermint

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Short & Sweet Bakeshop in Toronto, Ontario


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Buttercream dreams here every Sunday at Yonge Street until 5pm!

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Eat By Chloe (various locations in the U.S.)

Shōjō in Boston, Massachusetts

Citrus & Salt in Boston, Massachusetts

Taiyaki in New York City, New York


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Suns out, fins out! ☀️☀️☀️ #taiyakinyc 📷: @petiteflowerpresents

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Is your business Instagrammable? Or do you have a favorite restaurant, cafe, hotel, or business that you love to share photos of on your own Instagram? Share them with us in the comments 👇 and we’ll add them into this list!