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Aimtal team spotlight — Libby Turner

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Posted on
July 13, 2023

Get to know Libby, our Director of People and Culture Operations! Hailing from Colorado, Libby is a big fan of reading, listening to podcasts, and travel. When she’s not handling 1:1 meetings, team hiring, and company culture initiatives, you can find her chasing around her two kids, going for walks, or binge-watching trending shows. Get to know Libby more in this spotlight interview! 

Where were you born, and where do you live now?

I was born in Denver, Colorado and raised in Colorado and Los Alamos, New Mexico. I’ve got big NM/505 pride. I currently live in Arvada, CO.

What are your favorite ways to spend your free time outside of work?

Taking my two kids to see things, there’s nothing like experiencing the world with them (it can be stressful though!). I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts, reading books, and walking in my neighborhood. When there is time, we love TV and try to keep up with a lot of different shows.

Which one of Aimtal’s core values do you resonate with most?
This is hard to pick. I feel like I’ve been personally impacted by a lot of them. ‘Communicate Clearly’ and ‘Find a Solution’ stand out. I thought I was a strong written communicator. I’ve been delighted to work on up-leveling this skill and learn from a team of excellent communicators. I believe ‘Find a Solution’ is a very empowering value - it’s designed to put the power in your hands. There is trust in your expertise and abilities. I find that I often have the seed of a good solution, and then I can collaborate with the team to make it even better.

What are you currently binge-watching?

The Bear Season 2, The Kardashians, The Righteous Gemstones, Drive to Survive, and Unchained (the Tour de France show). I love a sports documentary.

Name one marketing mistake many brands make but can easily be avoided.

Not meeting their target market where they actually spend time. In a world where there are so many new platforms, it’s easy to splinter the effort - but it’s worth remembering that certain target markets do not use certain platforms. Consolidate and focus your effort.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Caring, Goofy, Fun-loving.

You are hosting a dinner party and get to invite 3 famous people (from any time period), who do you choose?

Julie Andrews, Michelle & Barack Obama (with Seth Rogen, Brad Pitt, Joe Sakic, and Roy Choi as alternates)

What are your goals for this year?
To find ways of slowing down and being excellent. To be present more often - it’s so enjoyable when I can. 

If you had to pick one artist/song to narrate your life from this point on, what would it be?

Probably Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

What is one thing you believe every marketer should know?
You know what you are talking about. Don’t forget it.

How do you take your coffee?
Cream and sugar!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

An artist or a cleaning lady. 

What is your favorite part about working for Aimtal?
The way it pushes me to be better.

What’s your favorite place that you’ve traveled to? Which destinations are at the top of your travel list? 

Salzburg, Austria, or the Melk Abbey in Austria. The most beautiful places in the world.
More of France, Switzerland, Italy, and Australia.

Name a quote that you live by

Solvitur Ambulando - “It is solved by walking”

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in their marketing career? 

Ride the ride. Discomfort is the norm.

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